Guest information Bed dimensions Our bed sizes: 200 cm * 90 cm, 200 * 140 cm, 200 * 160 cm Bedding Beding is changed twice a week. If you need a change of bedding in addition, please contact the chambermaid or the reception. Check-in, check-out Guests of our hotel can occupy their rooms from 2:00 p.m. The hotel room is at your disposal until 10:00 a.m. on the day of your departure. If you wish to check out later, please inform the reception, where you can find out about possible additional costs. Security system A camera system with recording operates in our hotel. Shoe cleaning There is a shoe shine kit in the hall. Package delivery
Please let us know if you would like to use the package delivery service no later than the day before departure.
Package storage
Upon check-out/early arrival, we store our guests’ luggage at the reception free of charge until the trip.
Smoking Smoking is prohibited throughout the hotel. Smoking is only possible in designated areas – in front of the hotel and on the terrace on the 1st floor. Drink bar In the breakfast room of our hotel, you can enjoy coffee and soft drinks at any time of the day. A price list can be requested at the reception. Electrical connection 220V/AC is available everywhere in the building for our guests. An international plug adapter can be requested at the reception. Umbrella If required, the reception provides umbrellas for our guests. Wake up You can request a 24-hour wake-up service at the reception. Photocopying/scanning/printing Please contact the reception with your request. Bathroom chair, bathrobe Please indicate your request at the reception. Children’s bed/ cot, extra bed We can provide cots and extra beds after prior consultation. We provide a baby chair and a baby bath upon request. Hair dryer It is located in the room. Credit cards When paying, our guests can use VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex cards or OTP and MKB SZÉP cards. Internet connection Free Wi-Fi access is provided throughout the hotel. Internet equipment and devices can be requested at the reception. Stationery, notebook, envelope It can be requested at the reception. Compensation In the event of possible damage caused by our guests, the hotel may file a claim for compensation. Elevator Rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor can be reached with the elevator in the lobby. Mini-bar Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks can be consumed in the hotel rooms for a fee using the contents of the mini-bar fridge. The contents of the minibar are checked and replenished daily by our maids. Please let us know the consumption when you check out. Mobile phone charger Different adapters can be requested at the reception. Laundry service, ironing Our guests can request the service by handing in clothes to be washed/ironed at the reception. In the case of clothes delivered before 10 a.m., we guarantee next-day delivery. A price list can be requested at the reception. Daily cleaning Our maids do the daily cleaning between 07:00 and 13:00. If you wish to use the service, please use the „Cleaning Request” sign in the room. Please indicate the need to skip daily cleaning by displaying the „Do Not Disturb” sign. Parking During your stay at the hotel, you can use the parking lot for a fee. You can signal your intention to leave and to park with the doorbell. Pillow, Slippers If required, we provide extra pillows. Slippers can be requested at the reception. Recepction A 24-hour reception service is available to our guests. The front door of the hotel is closed from 11 p.m. Please use the bell to the right of the entrance door and we will open the door for you. Breakfast Breakfast is available in our hotel from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Please let us know your special dietary needs (gluten, lactose-free, etc.) in advance. Sauna Our sauna is located at the far left of the corridor on the first floor. Available in the morning between 08:00 and 22:00. Please notify the reception of your intention to use the sauna at least 1 hour in advance. A bathrobe and slippers are provided upon request. Safe There is a safe at the reception. Please inform us about your intention to use the safe. Room key During your stay, you can open a hotel room with the room key you received upon arrival. Please leave your key at the reception if you leave the hotel. Losing the room key may result in additional costs. Blanket If required, we provide an extra blanket. Lost and found In the case of found/lost items in our hotel, contact the reception. Cleaning agents, cosmetic products The shower bath, soap and shower cap in the bathrooms are replaced by our maids during the daily cleaning. On request, we can provide toothpaste, toothbrush and cosmetic cloth. Change of towels We provide a change of towels upon request. If you require a new towel, please follow the instructions in the bathroom. Transfer Transfer service can be requested at the reception. Fire and emergency There is an escape route on the inside of the room door. Please do not use the elevators in an emergency. Ironing Please inform the reception if you want to iron. We can provide an ironing board and an iron upon request. Sewing kit It is in the drawer in the room. Line phones Each room has a device suitable for external and internal communication. The reception can be reached by calling number 9.