1. Details of the service provider:
    company name: Collovini Vendéglátóipari, Ingatlanforgalmi és Utazási Iroda Kft.
    abbreviated name: Collovini Kft.
    registered office: 3525 Miskolc, Kossuth u.2..
    company registry number: 05-09-002299
    tax number: 11064040-2-05
    2. General rules:
    (a) The present “General Terms and Conditions” – hereinafter: the GTC – regulate the conditions of using the lodgings and the related services provided by the service provider in Hotel Pannonia, operated by the service provider under the address 3525 Miskolc, Kossuth u.2. szám and Hotel Pannonia Apartmanház és Konferenciaterem operated under the address 3525 Miskolc Kossuth u.6.
    (b) This GTC does not exclude the conclusion of special or specific contracts with tourist agencies, travel agencies, travel organizers or other persons who cooperate with the service provider for the sale of the services of the service provider.
  2. The contracting party:
    (a) The contracting party is the person, legal entity or other company ordering and/or using the services of the service provider. The buyers ordering and/or using the service are hereinafter jointly referred to as: the guests.
    (b) The service provider and the guest become parties to the service contract when the conditions are met, and are hereinafter jointly referred to as: the contracting parties.
  3. Concluding the service contract, the process of booking, amending the booking:
    (a) At the request for quotation of the guest sent orally or in writing – by mail, telefax, e-mail, through the website or otherwise electronically – the service provider sends an offer to the guest within 24 hours from receiving the request for quotation (in the case of weekends and holidays, on the first following working day). If no actual order is received in writing from the guest within 48 hours from sending the offer – or until the optional deadline set in the offer – then the service provider is released from its binding offer and the binding offer of the service provider is cancelled.
    (b) The service contract is concluded with the written confirmation by the service provider of the order – booking – placed by the guest and, considering this written confirmation, the order – booking – qualifies as a contract concluded in writing. Orders placed orally and/or order amendments only result in a binding offer in the case if the service provider confirmed it in writing. The oral confirmation by the service provider of the order or the order amendment does not result in a binding offer. The parties can make the legal statements creating, amending and terminating the contract electronically too, in the manner as regulated by the Hungarian legal regulations.
    (c) The contract for using the service is for a specified term.
    The service provider has no obligation to conclude the contract (to provide the service). The service provider can refuse the offer, service needs of the guest without the obligation to provide reasons for the refusal.
    (d) In the case if the guest, before the end of the specified term, decides not to use the service until the end of the specified term, the guest is still obliged to pay the full consideration for the service to the service provider, and the service provider is entitled to demand the entire consideration for the ordered service. The service provider is entitled to put the room left by the guest before the end of the specified term on offer again. If the guest does not use the ordered so-called extra services – other services related to meals, catering and events – and does not cancel them within the deadline set for each specific service, or if the service provider does not provide the option to cancel such services due to the nature of the service, the guest shall pay penalty in the amount of 50% of the fee for the service in question.
    (e) The guest is only entitled to extend the service if the service provider consented to this in writing on the day before the end of the specified term at the latest.
    (f) Amending the service contract is only possible with the joint intent of the contracting parties, in writing.
    (g) In the case of the provision of false, lower prices or false quotations, information by the service provider or its partner in legal relationship with it, due to administrative or technical, IT mistakes, the contract between the parties – in the case of direct and indirect contract conclusion alike – is only effectively concluded if it results in decreasing the prices, fees by 20% at the most compared to the information on the website. In the case of providing false prices, fees exceeding this amount, the offer is not binding, the contract is not concluded even with a statement of acceptance (obvious defect in consent).
    (i) The hotel determines discounts according to specific agreements and the relevant regulation of the service provider that also specifies the discounts of regular guests. In the absence of an agreement, rule providing otherwise, it is a basic principle that different discounts cannot be exercised together.
  4. Conditions of cancellation:
    (a) (a) 3 days before arrival the reservation can be cancelled free of charge; in the case of cancellation within 3 days 50% of penalty is charged. If the reservation is cancelled in the period when it can be cancelled free of charge, we transfer the paid advance back, or we issue a freely usable gift voucher about its amount. In the case of cancellation within 3 days before arrival the advance is set off as penalty and the amount is not transferred back.
    (b) (b) The service provider reserves the right to determine conditions different from the above and specified in specific agreements in the case of the reservation of products subject to special conditions – like for example discount offers –, group travels or events.
    6. Prices applied by the service provider:
    (a) The room prices of the hotel (Rack Rate) – besides being published on the website – are displayed at the reception desk of the hotel and in the hotel room; prices of services provided by the service provider other than lodging are displayed in the hotel departments concerned – e.g. drink bar – but at specific request you can get information about such prices at the reception desk as well.
    (b) The service provider is entitled to freely change its prices without prior notice at any time, provided obviously that this does not concern prices already offered in its price quote given at the request of the contracting party and the prices of those services that the guest already ordered.
    (c) The service provider is entitled to determine its prices in Hungarian forint and in any convertible currency as well.
    (d) The service provider agrees to also publish its current hotel room prices, events, discounts and other offers on the website www.hotelpannonia-miskolc.hu it operates. The services of the hotel are also marketed through partners. Due to this and to seasonality, changes in foreign exchange rates, prices used in discounts and other business factors, the prices of services can be different even at the same time. The guest cannot enforce claims against the service provider because of that, the prices under the contract concluded by the guest apply to the guest.
    (e) In the case of cooperation with travel agencies (tour operators) and mediating guests, in the absence of a cooperation contract, the payment of commission is possible against the commission invoice of the tour operator, in the amount according to the current commission rules of the service provider. In the case of a contractual partner the contractual price determined in the contract will be invoiced.
    (f) The service provider provides discounts for guests who arrive with children. The amount of the discount is displayed at the reception desk of the hotel in the current season. The child discount is provided for guests who are not yet 14 years old. The service provider can request the verification of age from the legal guardian, chaperon. In the case of refusing this the service provider can apply adult prices.
    (g) Information about potential other discounts besides the discounts specified in section (f) can be found on the notice board at the reception desk of the hotel.
    7. Payment method and guaranteeing payment:
    (a) The service provider indicates the unit price of the ordered services on the written confirmation it sends to the guest.
    The guest can settle the amount calculated for the period of stay in two ways:
    Settlement by transferring (via any of the current payment options on the website) the amount (calculated for the full term of the stay) in advance or on arrival at the reception desk of the hotel by bank card, cash or equivalent cafeteria tools.
    (b) The service provider reserves the right to request a guarantee from the contracting party or the guest in order to settle the consideration for the extra services used by the guest, that is, services generated by on-site consumption in addition to the ordered services. Such guarantees can be as follows:
    (a) credit card guarantee: an advance fee, deposit is determined depending on the length of the stay, which gets blocked on the credit card until departure,
    b) service fee advance: the deposit can be settled in cash too, on arrival. The unused amount is repaid on departure.
    (c) The contracting party is entitled and obliged to settle the consideration for the service in Hungarian forint and/or, at his discretion, in a currency displayed by the service provider on its notice board placed at the reception desk. In the case if the payment of the consideration for the services is not in Hungarian forint in part or in full, the exchange is done based on the MNB median rate for buying foreign currency effective on the day before the issuance of the invoice. The service provider ensures that that reception desk of the hotel provides information about the median rate for buying foreign currency serving as basis for exchanging and invoicing, if requested.
    (d) The service provider also accepts cashless payment options – e.g. bank card, credit card, cafeteria tools – to settle the consideration for the services, the current list of which – at request- can be viewed at the reception desk of the hotel.
    (e) The service provider may charge costs related to using any payment method other than cash to the contracting party at its discretion. The service provider agrees to provide information about chargeable costs if needed, at the prior request of the contracting party.
    (c) The service provider charges the consumption of the guest in the catering units of the hotel to the room invoice of the guest. The guest can settle their consumption invoices at the hotel reception desk after consumption, where the employees of the service provider prepare the invoice according to the legal regulations concerning invoicing.
    8. Way and conditions of using the services:
    (a) The guest can occupy the ordered hotel room (confirmed by the service provider) on the day of arrival from 14:00 – check-in – and shall leave the room – check-out – on the last day of the stay until 10:00.
    (b) In the case if the guest wants to occupy the room on the day of arrival before the check-in time specified in Section 8(a),  or in the case of late check-out, extra fee is charged; the reception desk provides information about its current amount.
    (c) The service provider makes it possible for its guest – against specific fee payment – to bring their dogs in the hotel – two dogs per room at the most, each with a maximum weight of 35 kg and with a maximum height to withers of 60 cm – provided that the dog can only be kept in the hotel room under the supervision of the guest and the common rooms available for the guests can only be used to approach the hotel room. The dogs cannot use other rooms, like restaurant, sauna, etc. If the service provider is of the opinion that the size or behavior of the dog disturbs operation, the service provider has the right to refuse receiving the dog, and to terminate the established contractual legal relationship during the stay with immediate effect. In case of a dog that the service provider was not notified about beforehand the service provider shall also be entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect and to refuse receiving the dog. Fighting dogs (dangerous dogs as indicated in Section (2) of Article 5 of Legislative decree 17/1974 of the Government on state and public security (pit bull terriers and mixed breeds of it) and dogs categorized as dangerous based on Section (4) of Article 5 of the same legislation) cannot be brought in. The service provider may determine additional, more detailed, mandatory rules in the Dog Etiquette.
     (d) The guest owes full compensation liability for damages its pet caused to the service provider or third parties. Violating the rules of the stay, causing damage provides ground for the termination of the service contract with immediate effect, extending to the guest as well.
     (e) The service provider is entitled to terminate the contract on providing lodging with immediate effect or refuse providing the service, if:
    a) the guest improperly uses the provided room or the services provided by the service provider and/or the rooms serving to provide such services,
    b) the guest disturbs the order of the hotel and does not stop such behavior despite being demanded to stop it,
    c) the guest does not comply with the safety regulation of the hotel – e.g. smokes at a forbidden place and does not stop it despite being warned to,
    d) the guest behaves roughly, in a reprehensible way with the employees or guests of the hotel, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, shows threatening, insulting or otherwise unacceptable conduct,
    e) the guest or their dog suffers from a contagious disease or a disease that disturbs the other guests. Incontinent guests and guests unable to care for themselves also cannot use the services of the hotel.
    f) the contracting party or the guest does not perform their payment guarantee provision obligation as requested by the service provider until the date specified by the service provider.
    g) posts disparaging comments, images, information that harms good reputation on social sites and online opinion sharing sites, or violates the personal rights of the hotel or its guests or employees in any manner.
    (f) If the contract between the contracting parties is not executed due to “force majeure”, the contract is cancelled.
    (g) The guest uses all services of the hotel at their own responsibility during their entire stay. Future requests can be denied for those for whom the service provider was forced to deny providing the service or with whom the service provider terminated the contract.
    (h) The service provider pays a lot of attention to preventing accidents. The service provider is not responsible for damages originating from the guest disregarding warning signs or other indicated sources of danger or from improper use.  
    (i) Guests under the age of 18 and guests requiring attention due to their health condition cannot be left without parental or attendant supervision.
    (j) The hotel is unable to provide nurses, carers for supervision during the stay of the guest, using the services is possible if the guest has the necessary abilities, capabilities to do so.
    9. Providing the services:
    (a) If the service provider cannot provide the ordered services through its own fault – especially due to overloading or temporary operational problems – then it shall take care of the placement of the guest.
    (b) Within the scope of its obligation accepted in section (a) the service provider shall:
    a) Offer the services confirmed in the order at the price and for the term – or until the hindrance is eliminated – stipulated in the order for a place of accommodation of the same or higher category and to provide such services if the guest accepts it. The service provider shall bear all the additional costs of providing the replacement lodging.
    b) Provide transfer free of charge for the guest for moving to the offered replacement lodging and for the potential moving back.
    (c) If the service provider fully complies with its obligations specified in section (b) and if the guest accepts the replacement lodging offered to them, the guest cannot state any compensation claims.
    10. Rights of the guest:
    (a) According to the contract the guest shall be entitled to use the ordered room and the facilities of the lodging that belong to the usual scope of services and are not subject to special conditions.  
    (b) The guest can state complaints in connection with the performance of the services provided by the service provider. The service provider undertakes an obligation to review complaints submitted to it in writing or orally at the reception desk and recorded in a protocol within 72 hours after receiving the complaint and gives a substantial response to the guest.
    11. Obligations of the guest:
    (a) The guest shall pay the consideration for the services ordered in the contract to the service provider in the manner and until the date specified in the contract at the latest.
    (b) The guest shall make sure that minors in their care are under the supervision of an adult at all times and behave accordingly, in compliance with the policy in the hotel of the service provider.
    The adult parent, attendant in the hotel shall be responsible towards all injured parties for damages caused by minors or persons of otherwise limited abilities, regardless of the conduct causing the damage being shown when under supervision or no.
     (c) The guest shall immediately report damages it incurred at the reception desk of the hotel and provide all necessary data for the hotel that is necessary to clarify the circumstances of the damage event and for potential infringement or criminal proceedings.
    (d) The guest cannot bring their own food and drink to the catering units of the hotel of the service provider, and shall comply with the displayed restaurant policy at all times.
    12. Compensation liability of the guest:
    (a) The guest shall be responsible for all damages suffered by the service provider or third parties due to the behavior of the guest or their companion or persons under the supervision of any of the above that causes damage.
    (b) The compensation (reimbursement) obligation of the guest is also effective if the injured party is entitled to demand compensation for their losses directly from the service provider. The compensation liability extends to damages caused in the area of the hotel, the garage, in the vehicles and other property items as well. The obligation stands concerning damages not covered by insurance as well.
    13. Rights of the service provider:
    (a) If the guest does not comply with their obligation to pay the fee for the used or ordered but not used services, the service provider shall be entitled to lien concerning the property items of the guest they brought to the hotel, in order to secure the claims of the service provider. 
    (b) For property protection and accident prevention reasons the hotel has security cameras. By entering the hotel, the guest consents to footage being recorded about them. The electronic system stores the footage in accordance with the legal regulations, then deletes it automatically.
    (c) Different kinds of programs are organized in the area of the hotel in order to entertain the hotel guests. Employees of the hotel or a company employed by the hotel for this task can take photos and video footage about the programs for marketing and promotion purposes. The guest appearing at the programs acknowledges and expressly consents to the appearance of footage made of them in publications and different advertisement platforms. The hotel strives to enforce interests related to data protection and personal rights; however, it cannot guarantee being unrecognizable on the footage. The service provider does not accept responsibility for this or for the publication of photos, videos taken by other guests.
    14. Significant obligations of the service provider:
    (a) the service provider shall provide the lodging and other services ordered under the contract according to the effective regulations and service standards.
    (b) The service provider shall investigate the written complaint of the guest and to take the measures required for handling the problem, record the measures taken in writing, and inform the guest thereof.
    15. Compensation liability of the service provider:
    (a) The service provider accepts responsibility for all damages suffered by the guest that incurred within the hotel and through the fault of the service provider or its employees.
    (b) The responsibility of the service provider does not extend to damage events occurring due to unavoidable reasons outside the scope of the employees and guests of the service provider or caused by the guests or the ones under their supervision.
    (c) The compensation liability of the service provider only stands if the guest reports the damage event with the necessary data immediately after the occurrence of the damage event, at the reception desk of the service provider.  After leaving, claims for damages occurring and recognized during the stay in the hotel cannot be enforced against the service provider if such damages were not reported before leaving. The deadline for the enforcement of damages recognized after leaving is 30 days from recognizing the damage, its manner is to report the damage in writing. No damage claims can be enforced 90 days after leaving (limitation period).
    (d) The service provider accepts responsibility for all damages suffered by the guest which the guest incurs due to loss, destruction or damaging of their things, if the guest placed such items in locations designated by the service provider or generally designated for such purpose, or in the room safe, or which the guest handed over to an employee of the service provider whom the guest could consider to be entitled to receive their items.
    (e) The service provider shall only be responsible for the loss, destruction or damaging of the valuable items, securities or cash of the guest if it was expressly taken over by the service provider or if the damage occurred for a reason it is responsible for according to the general rules. The burden of proof is on the guest concerning the compensation liability of the service provider, besides the deposit responsibility.
    (f) The responsibility of the service provider does not extend to the luggage of the contracting party and the content thereof when arriving and when leaving, moving in and moving out, and during the transportation of the luggage to and from the room, concerning damages done to or caused by the luggage.
  5. Illness, death of the guest:
    (a) In the case if the guest falls ill during the term of using the lodging service and the service provider is aware of that, the service provider shall offer medical assistance to the guest, provided that the guest shall bear the costs of the offered and accepted medical assistance. If the doctor diagnoses a contagious disease, the service provider is entitled to refuse providing further service. The guest shall bear additional costs generated due to leaving the lodging before due time.
    (b) In the case of the disease or death the service provider requires cost compensation from the relative, heir of the patient or the deceased, to the extent of the medical costs potentially advanced by the service provider, consideration for services used before dying and the damages occurring in the property items of the service provider and/or its guests in connection with the illness or death. The service provider considers the death of the guest as leaving before the end of the term of the contract and in this case it cannot return the fee for the remaining part of the contractual term to the legal heir or heirs.
    17. Items of value left in the hotel:
    The service provider excludes its responsibility concerning the items of value, money, other items of the guests left in the hotel and has no return obligation in this regard. The service provider keeps the found items and releases them to the owner if the owner can prove their ownership. The service provider may charge its safekeeping, returning costs.
    18. Confidentiality:
    (a) In the course of the performing its obligation specified in the contract, the service provider shall act in accordance with the provisions of Act 112/2011 on the right to information self-determination and the freedom of information and other relevant legal regulations concerning data protection.
    19. Force majeure:
    (a) Such reasons, circumstances (e.g. war, fire, epidemic, flood, extreme weather, power outage, strike) over which neither the service provider nor the guest or the contracting party has any control – force majeure- release any party from their respective obligations to perform under the contract, as long as such reason or circumstance exists. The contracting parties agree that they will do everything in their power to minimize the possibility of the occurrence of such reasons and circumstances and to remedy the damage or delay thereby caused as soon as possible. 
    20. Applicable law and acting court in the legal relationship of the contracting parties:
    (a) The provisions of Act 5/2013 on the Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary – CC – and other Hungarian legal regulations shall be applied to the legal relationship between the contracting parties.
    (b) For conducting the litigation proceedings concerning disputes related to the contract, the contracting parties stipulate the exclusive jurisdiction of the Miskolc District Court based on submission and in the absence of the competence of said court, then the parties stipulate the exclusive jurisdiction of the Miskolc Regional Court based on submission.
    21. Miscellaneous provisions:
    (a) The present general terms and conditions shall become effective as of 3 January 2018. Its provisions shall be applied together with the rules of the specific contracts.
    Miskolc, 3 January 2018.